5th Grade

Welcome to fifth grade! We are a community of God's children dedicated to helping one another grow academically and spiritually. Students support one another through collaboration, love and prayers. Through teamwork, social interactions, and cooperative learning, students work with one another to accomplish a common goal and challenge each other's thinking. Through love and prayers, students encounter the presence of God in one another.


The mission for the class is to provide opportunities for each and every student to excel in their abilities and to become the person God has created them to be. Fifth grade is a key year as students prepare to transition into middle school, and so personal responsibility is emphasized. From sacraments to American history to fractions and decimals to expository and narrative writing, fifth grade is full of exciting curriculum!

Ms. Nguyen is the fifth grade teacher.

Mrs. Gee teaches fifth grade science.


Family Faith Resources to Support the 5th Grade Religion Program
Lots of Activities, prayers and information for the whole family.