Fundraising at St. Patrick Elementary School

We Need Everyone's Participation!!!!

Fundraising allows St. Patrick Elementary School to provide more opportunities for our students. Your support is important and together we can help St. Patrick Elementary School provide a great education and learning environment for our students.

Tuition covers about 70% of the total cost of educating a child at St. Patrick School. To help keep tuition at a minimum, fundraising activities are necessary to make up part of the difference. The fundraising goal for the 2017 - 2018 school year is $90,000.00. Participation from every family is needed in order to reach this goal.

Fundraising is a vital and essential part of St. Patrick School. Tuition does not cover the
cost of educating each student. The cost is approximately $12,200.00 per year per student.
The difference is made through donations, subsidies and fundraising. The fundraising profit
required per family is $350.00.

Any money over the above goes directly toward subsidizing the cost of educating each






Further information can be obtained through the Fundraising Office at 408-283-5856.

St. Patrick Elementary School benefits every time you visit our website, join our online programs, or visit our sponsors, so please visit often!