Our History

St. Patric
Sant_Patrick_School_Front_of_School.jpgk School first opened its doors in 1925 and since that time has educated countless children. The Most Reverend Edward Joseph Hanna dedicated the building on May 24, 1925. The pastor of St. Patrick Parish at the time was Reverend Richard Collins. The dedication ceremony was unique in that it preceded the actual opening of the school, which did not take place until September 14, 1925.

The initial inspiration to build this parochial school had its source in Mr. Edward McLaughlin, a retired banker, resident of San Jose and a member of St. Patrick Parish. Two weeks before his death, Mr. McLaughlin sent for Archbishop Hanna, of San Francisco and requested that his benefaction to the Archdiocese, which was his last will and testament, should be used specifically to build a school for St. Patrick Parish.

The task of building the school and obtaining a congregation of sisters to staff it was delegated to the pastor, Father Richard Collins. Father Collins had observed and admired the work of the Presentation Sisters in San Francisco after the Fire and Earthquake of 1906, which had destroyed both their city convents. In 1924, he requested that the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary administer and staff the school. Mother Mary Carthagh, the Superior General, sent six sisters to begin their work educating the students of St. Patrick Parish.

Sister Mary Attracta Birmingham served as the first principal of St. Patrick School and Sisters of the Presentation served as principal until 1983. In 1985, the last Sister of the Presentation left the staff ending the Sisters sixty years of service to the St. Patrick School community.

In 1983, Sr. Jolene Schmitz of the Community of the Holy Spirit was appointed principal of St. Patrick School. In 1988, Mrs. Yvonne Gomez became the first lay principal, followed by Dr. Beatriz Arias in 1994. Mr. John Bracco, was appointed in 1997 and Sister Rosemarie Carroll was appointed in 2003. In 2011 Ms. Olga Islas was appointed.

In 2004 the Daughters of Charity chose to sponsor St. Patrick as one of eleven elementary schools in the Western United States. This sponsorship was based on the Daughters mission to provide economically poor school children with the opportunity for a Catholic education. The Daughters of Charity sponsorship offers a Catholic education to many families who might otherwise not be able to afford it.