2019-2020 Saint Patrick School Uniform Guidelines

The school uniform is to be worn each school day. All students are expected to be neatly dressed during the school day.  It is both the parent and the student responsibility to be in a clean school uniform. Uniform dress means shirt or blouse tucked inside pant/skirt. Boys' pants are to be worn at the waist. Girls' skirt is to be below the knee and not rolled up.

For the details on the uniform guidelines click on the following link: Uniform Guidelines for 2019-2020

Students are allowed to wear a watch, one appropriate ring, and a medical ID bracelet. Loop or hoop-type earrings are not allowed.  Girls may wear one stud earring in each ear. These are post type earrings that do not hang below the ear lobe. Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

Make-up of any kind is not allowed at school.  Students are not to wear nail polish, false fingernails or lip gloss (clear chapstick only).


Hair should be neatly styled. Hair is to be its natural color; it may not be lightened, dyed or streaked with color. Boys' hair is to be to the neck line, no longer then mid-ear and not over the eyebrow and it should not be spiked. Girls' hair is to be neat and not over the eyebrows.

Non-Uniform Dress Days

View the following brief video which explains the  updated "free dress" or non-uniform dress day policy.

Non-uniform Dress is a privilege granted by the principal to students who are in good standing. Dress is to be appropriate for school. 

Appropriate attire means the following:

Boys - Dress slacks, shorts, or jeans and shirts designed for sportswear.  Writing or designs on shirts must be in good taste.  Faded or torn jeans are not permitted; baggy, skinny or tight clothing of any kind is not allowed; neither are tank tops, open toe shoes or pajama pants.

Girls - Dress; skirt and blouse or sweater; dress slacks, shorts, jeans and dress top, sweater, or jumpsuit.  Writing or designs on shirts must be in good taste.  Leggings by themselves may not be worn as pants. Faded or torn jeans, baggy, skinny or tight clothing of any kind is not allowed; pajama pants, miniskirts, short-shorts, open toe/platform shoes, tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, low cut/revealing tops or bare midriffs are not permitted.

Students are prohibited from wearing baggy or tight/skinny fitting pants and any type of clothing that may be considered gang attire.  The school reserves the right to send home any student who comes to school inappropriately dressed.New uniforms may be purchased at Merry Mart, 33 Washington Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050, (408) 296-0423. 

You may also order online at: www.MerryMartUniforms.com