Drexel_Logo.jpgSaint Katharine Drexel System

Saint Patrick School is part of the Drexel School System of the Diocese of San Jose which is a resource-rich, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education. The Blended Learning and station rotation model are integrated into classroom learning.

Each child has the use of an iPad. Many of the apps students use are individualized so that the needs of each student is addressed.

Information and Resources for Parents
Watch the Drexel Schools Individualized Learning Video

Sample Family Policy for Digital Devices

Apps that will be put on Student iPads

List of Apps that Students (6th - 8th Grade) Cannot Download to iPad
On-line Resources

For Transitional Kindergarten to 1st Grade: http://www.badguypatrol.ca/

3rd-5th Grades: https://www.digitalpassport.org/educator-registration

6th-8th: iTunes: Common Sense Media




www.fosi.org  (Family On-line Safety Institute)