Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is an easy program to help our school raise money.  Box Tops can be found on many products we use on a daily basis. Products such as Betty Crocker, General Mills, Hanes, Hefty, Nestle, Pillsbury, Ziploc, etc. Click here for a complete product list.  Each one is worth 10¢ when our school redeems them.

While you can turn in box tops at any time, our parent coordinator submits them twice a year, once in October and again in February at which time you will be given 10 cents fundraising credit per box top.

Here are a few tips to make the submission process easier:

• Clip the box top neatly and bundle in groups of 10 or 50  box tops in an envelope or Ziploc bag
• Check the expiration date to make sure the box tops are still valid
• Write your students full name, grade and the number of box tops on the envelope or Ziploc bag and turn into the Fundraising Office or the WCE.