Reading Resource

Ms. Karen Cabral is the Reading Resource teacher at St Patrick. She works with students in grades 1-8 who have reading challenges. They come to the Reading Room 3-5 times a week in small groups of not more than five students to build fluency skills in oral reading, increase their vocabulary word bank, develop strong phonemic/phonics skills and to strengthen and challenge their thinking skills with comprehension.

The focus of instruction in on strategies that make students independent readers. Every day they participate in activities in which they practice their oral reading, thinking, listening, writing and speaking skills. The activities include leveled readers...starting easy and moving into more challenging stories as the child becomes more proficient, an assortment of words games, use of iPads, journals for reflection about the text, graphic organizers to aid in comprehending information, along with assessments to check student progress. The goal is that the students will grow to love reading. Ms. Cabral strives to move the students as quickly as possible out of the program and to make them successful readers in their classrooms.