Grades TK - 5
Mrs. Gee

Science classes with Mrs. Gee are creative and inspiring. Throughout the year, the Science curriculum is aligned with the California Science Framework and Standards.  Each class is interactive and linked to a child's personal experiences and point of view.

Mrs. Gee begins class with oral reviews on what was covered in previous lessons and then launches into the next concept. Mrs. Gee uses multiple forms of media in her presentations. She displays large print vocabulary cards, transparencies, and charts. She brings real objects and living things to class and uses hand gestures and chants to engage the younger students. There is much excitement and wonder in the class as Mrs. Gee tailors the lessons to meet their level of understanding.  Each week the students are assigned one to two pages of homework to support the learning that was completed in class. The classes are also balanced with lab activities, demonstrations and textbook study to reinforce the Scientific Method and concepts.