Mission & Vision Statement

Our students and families work together with faculty and staff to form a strong community through faith sharing.


We offer a resource-rich cutting-edge approach to Catholic education.


Service and outreach are an important part of our mission where students’ lives are transformed to be good citizens of  the world.


All students learn and meet standard expectations while responding to God’s call to serve.

Our History

  • Viet Thanh Nguyen
  • Genevieve Santos
  • Phil DiNapoli
  • Kristina Luscher
  • Local Register as San Jose landmark

…In 2004, the Daughters of Charity chose to sponsor Saint Patrick School as a new partner in their mission to serve the least among us.  We are blessed to have their presence on staff and their spirituality to guide us.  In 2011, Saint Patrick School joined the Drexel Initiative in the Diocese of San Jose.  This initiative provided the tools for our teachers to begin data driven instruction and provided opportunities for our students to work on individualized learning plans.  With the generous support of the Daughters of Charity and the Drexel Schools Initiative, Saint Patrick School becomes a center of Vincentian spirituality and exceptional academics.  

Admission Process…2022-2023 Academic School Year

We are glad you are interested in having your child attend Saint Patrick School.  The following is a guide for admission process.  If you have questions or concerns anytime during this process, please call the School Office at 408-283-5858. If necessary, a parent ambassador (English, Vietnamese, and Spanish speaker) will be able to assist interested applicants in our enrollment process.