Admission Process

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 School Year

We are glad you are interested in having your child attend Saint Patrick School. The following is a guide for our admission process. If you have questions or concerns anytime during this process, please call the School Office at 408-283-5858.

  • Complete an online application 2024-25. Please create an account on TADS, our admissions, enrollment, financial and tuition management system. You can complete the application in the TADS “Admissions” section. Please complete the application. There will be a $100 non-refundable application fee required for each child applying to Saint Patrick School.


  • Once you complete the application the system will ask that you upload the following documents: child’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate, First Communion certificate (if applicable), copy of latest report cards (Kindergarten – 8th Grade) and wallet size photo of student.


  • Potential students currently in Kindergarten through Seventh Grade will be asked to “shadow” for a day in their current grade classroom. They will also be given a STAR Reading and STAR Math assessment. Arrangements for “shadow” days are made through the School Office. This is subject to change depending on our County guidelines and COVID-19.


  • Future Transitional Kindergarteners and Kindergarteners will be given a “readiness assessment” starting in February.


  • Letters of acceptance or non-acceptance will be sent once all the necessary documents, assessments and shadowing (if necessary) are completed.


  • ALL Saint Patrick School families, regardless if financial assistance is required, must complete the Financial Aid Assessment Form in their TADS account. All the required documentation needs to be turned in before enrollment.


  • If you will require financial assistance, the following must be completed:
    • 1) TADS Financial Aid Application. Complete the application in TADS “Financial Aid” section. Be sure to upload all required documents. There will be a $33 processing fee for this application form.
    • 2) BASIC Fund Financial Aid Form. It is available on school website. You also may find it at: This form is due by March 31.
  • Once a student is accepted, and you have completed all the financial aid requirements, complete the online enrollment process under your TADS account. The section to be completed is “Enrollment”. There is a $100.00 per family non-refundable fee due at the time of enrollment.