Saint Patrick School offers a resource-rich, cutting-edge approach to Catholic education. Our students are offered a clear purpose for learning together with multiple opportunities to internalize the concepts and skills they need to master.

We use data to inform academic instruction and to ensure the achievement and growth of all students. Recognizing that each student has his or her own learning style, our differentiated instruction in math and reading allows each student’s learning to be individualized.

Each year our students score significantly above the district, state and national average in the STAR Math and STAR Reading assessments.

Our student population is very diverse at Saint Patrick School. The majority of our families speak a language other than English at home: Spanish, Vietnamese or Tagalog. Because our student population is over 65% Latino, with more than half of our Latino students speaking Spanish at home, we teach Spanish in the context of Religion. This Spanish immersion in Religion allows all of our students to learn speaking, reading and writing according to their skill level.